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Founder and President J Dart leads the team at The Dart Group in identifying and acquiring the right company and then elevating it to the next level.

J has led local, national and international organizations in various industries, cultivating strategic relationships, bringing new products to market, navigating unique obstacles, and growing robust, sustainable organizations. His passion springs from the entrepreneurial spirit that first drove him to build and sell his own company. He then gained decades of experience in executive leadership roles, building and leading talented, diverse teams.      

The Dart Group’s expertise lies in the development of business models and strategic planning that achieve measurable performance and revenue growth. Acquiring new businesses and nurturing their growth was a natural progression for J and his team and became the foundational mission in forming The Dart Group in 2007.                                                                                      

We’re currently looking to start a conversation with the right company about an acquisition that’s a good fit for both seller and buyer. Our objective is to take the business we acquire to its next level while maintaining the company’s mission, culture, values, and legacy.

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